WordPress On-Page SEO Service

WordPress can be one of the best platforms for a highly-optimized website. But without having a optimized WordPress website, you will miss out potential sales online.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page SEO refers to optimizing your website to adhere to the latest technical SEO factors.

This can be in the content, the code and even the design of the website. When your WordPress website is optimized for SEO, you can outrank your competitors and get more targeted traffic.

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Is Your WordPress Website Optimized?

Our 26 Point Check List

# Name Description
1 Meta Titles Meta titles briefly and concisely explain what each website page is about.
2 Meta Descriptions Meta Descriptions explain a summary of what each website page is about.
3 Canonical Tags These tags tell search engines what the correct URL of the page should be.
4 Schema Tags Schema tags help crawlers determine certain information about a website, business, product or video.
5 Heading Tags Heading tags are the section titles of your content. They should be structured correctly.
6 Alt Tags Alt tags tell search engines what your images are about since they can only read text.
7 Internal Linking Linking to all of your internal pages helps bots find all of your pages, as well as users.
8 External Linking Linking to relative and authority websites will help you rank with them.
9 Anchor Tags Google looks at the anchor tags in links to help decipher what a page is about.
10 Deep Linking having links to all levels of your website will help Google crawl it easier and create a good UI.
11 Page speed Having a fast website has never been more important for SEO and user experience.
12 Responsive Design With a mobile responsive website, you will rank better in the mobile index.
13 Fix any External Broken Links Linking to broken or nonexistent pages can hurt your own pages.
14 Fix any Internal Broken Links Linking to internal pages that are broken or redirected can have a bad effect on rankings.
15 LSI Keywords LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are keywords phrases that mean the same thing.
16 Google Search Console Manage your website in Google eyes with Google Search Console. See rankings, errors and more.
17 Google Analytics Track your website traffic, usage and load times with Google’s free tracking software.
18 Open Graph Tags Tags that allow you to control what content shows when a webpage is shared on social media.
19 Security (HTTPS) Having a secure website can help build trust and will help you rank better.
20 SEO Friendly URLs Keywords are not only important in your content but your URLs as well.
21 Link Social Media Social media plays an indirect role to help you rank better in search engines.
22 Keyword Consistency The keywords most used on your pages are likely the keywords you will rank for.
23 Robots.txt This file tells robots what they can and can’t crawl on your website.
24 Add Business Address (with schema when prohibited) Adding your business address to your footer can help you rank better locally.
25 Website Structure The structure of your website and pages is important to ranking better in Google.
26 SEO Images Image searches are almost as popular as web so optimizing your website’s images is important for SEO.
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